About Pretty Little Birds

Let me introduce myself, my name is Patti Dohm and I am a self taught water colour artist from Salmon Arm BC, Canada.  I have raised three beautiful children, a couple of dogs and a few chickens and thought one day I might try painting a little bird....honestly I just thought I would give it a go!  The first one I painted I gave to my friend who loved it....and I have been painting ever since!!

That was a few years ago and I have been selling hundreds of original bird paintings in stores and in and around our little community.

All my paintings are originals and are inspired by the pretty little birds that visit the back yard of my heritage home in our small town in the interior of B.C.   

Every  bird I paint has a little something that makes it so fun to create....wonky long legs, the crook of its head, the fact that it looks like the little guy just woke up from a bit of a late night!  My bed head birds are hilarious  and are everyone’s favourites.   Although I do dabble in paintings of sockeye salmon to honour our Sockeye Salmon Run ...and I love painting bees!  I will add some in the spring....check back!

I love what I do and am so hoping you also love my darling little paintings.

I will add a few new ones every couple of days.

Please check back for a visit.  And take good care!