by Pretty Little Birds

 Hi and thank you to everyone that has taken a look at my store and for all the sweet words, encouragement, and support. It means so much 

I thought today I would talk about framing! I think repurposing old, forgotten frames is the perfect accent to our little birds.  You wouldn’t believe how many old frames I have collected in my travels that I have repainted and repurposed to frame a new painting. There are so many treasures out there in thrift stores, garages sales and estate sales, that are for sale or even given away. There is no way these picture frames should be ending up in our landfills. 

Of course selling my little birds framed on this online store wouldn’t be cost efficient in mailing with breakage and postal fees.  But I hope the unframed pretty little bird that you buy will find a place in your house in a frame that is reloved.