by Pretty Little Birds

Welcome to my first post!

This is so exciting.....

Painting  to me is like candy....I love it!!  Sometimes I will sit down with a cup of tea, a bit of music and my paints and completely lose my day.   I will look down after a couple of hours and can’t believe the funny little birds that have come to me ....!  Time just slips away, and the darlings that are left on the paper seem to have appeared by magic.

I’m a self taught artist... well I will use that loosely as I wasn’t taught at all!!!  Water color sort of teaches you!  And I love it.

My dear sister in law Kelley bought me the most gorgeous set of Sennelier French water color paints and I use Arches 140 lb cold pressed, 100% cotton fibre papers.  I have learned that using the best paint and paper does make a huge difference. One that I hope comes through with my little originals.

Thank you for reading my first of many posts!  Off to shovel the half a foot of snow we got last night and bring a bit of bird seed out to our little chickadees that I can hear out the window!

Till next time, take care.